Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Bini & Martini feat. Su'Su Bobien - Say Yes - Azuli
My favourite Italian remix duo return on the scene with this twisted disco monster! After a bunch of Prog-styled remixes which weren't too much to my liking, "Say Yes" is a return to their more dancefloor-friendly style but with a tweaked-out twist. Su Su Bobien (from "You Don't Know" fame) provides
the uplifting vocals while the music gets funky and squelchy at the same time...word has it this will be a WMC smash, but it's already a classic in
my books. Say Yes to Bini & Martini, and pick this 12" asap!! As an aside, is it just me, or is Azuli getting cheap with their packaging?! This release was just a sticker stuck on top of an inner sleeve!! What happened to record jackets?? And why is the Goodfellas "All Night" release missing from the Azuli catalogue??

MJ Cole - Wondering Why - Talkin' Loud 12"
OH OH OH! It's the new single from Mr. MJ Cole!!! Do I really have to say any more? Well, okay I'll say a few words about it. The 1st 12" single has
the album mix with Vula, funky 4x4 Garage-House; a downtempo remix that was a bit on the dull side and a smashing Intalex remix on the D'n'B tip.
However, I decided to skip this record and picked up 12" number 2, which has the deadly Zero Three Dub from MJ and a delicious House remix from Grant Nelson. This is another essential crate selection for all the garage/house heads out there.

Lady Alma - Lift Your Voices - 83 West 12"
This soulful track is produced by Toronto's Peter & Tyrone. It's a sweet number with a very soulful vocal from Philly's Lady Alma Horton. Besides the
full vocal on the A-side, there is also a Dub and Padapella for the more creative DJ's.

Ann Nesby - Let Your Will Be Done - Silk Entertainment 2 x 12"
Originally released last year with more Dance-oriented remixes, "Let Your Will Be Done" is now issued on Steve Silk Hurley's label, as part of the
Voices of Life album. This double pack features two Soulful remixes from Steve Silk Hurley and a remix from Louis Benedetti of SoulShine Records. All the mixes are quite nice, though I prefer Louis' mix the most.

Royksopp - Eple - Wall of Sound 12"
You should all know this song by now...along with the fabulous album version, you get a tripped-out electronic rework from Black Strobe and a
nicely funked up affair from Boris Dlugosch and Michi Lange. A second 12" is also available with Fatboy Slim and Shakedown remixes.

Everything But The Girl - Corcovado - Virgin 12" Promo
EBTG give us their take on the classic Bossa Nova track. Knee Deep step in on remix duties with another one of their stomping grooves, a la "Pasilda". Ben Watt re-edits the Knee Deep remix and has Tracey re-sing the vocals on his take of the song. Another surefire hit!

Next Evidence feat. N'Dea Davenport - Morning Breeze - Capitol France 12"
One of my favourite vocalists, N'Dea (from the Brand New Heavies) appears on this latest release from French Hipsters Next Evidence. Morning Breeze is a cool soul jam in its original form, reminding me of the Acid Jazz sound of the early 90's. NE themselves provide a disco dub mix, but it's Dimitri From Paris who delivers the goods. He discofies the track in his new "Disco Blend", taking you to the dancefloor and never letting up for air.

Masters At Work present A Tribute To Fela - MAW Expensive (Dimitri from Paris Re-Edit) - MAW Records 12"
The title above says it all, with Dimi providing a more four on the floor version of this Dancefloor staple. A deeper-styled mix is on the B-side.

More reviews to come!